Low Fat Chicken Breakfast Sausage

With its high fat and calorie content, many think of breakfast sausage as a guilty pleasure. But now Doc's Amazing is proud to offer you a guilt-free alternative to this classic American treat that meets the strict criteria set by the US Department of Agriculture for low fat sausages.

But if you expect a low-fat sausage to be dry and flavorless, be prepared for a real shock when you taste our Chicken BreakfastSausages. Their luscious taste, juiciness, and classic sage flavor will help start your day right!

Several of our other chicken sausages—Chorizo, El Chipotle, and Buffalo Chicken—are also splendid for breakfast. In the Recipe Section, you will see how you can make low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat breakfast treats using these flavor-packed Doc’s Amazing sausages.

Click on images below for recipe information.