Low Fat Buffalo Chicken Sausage

Buffalo Chicken wings have a time honored place at the top of American culinary treats associated with good times. They’re typically deep fried, then coated with a mixture of cayenne pepper sauce and margarine or butter. They are greasy, messy, and loved by most everyone. Unfortunately, they may not be so good for you.

A Delicious, Healthful Alternative
Doc’s Amazing Buffalo Chicken Sausages provide a much lower calorie and lower fat alternative to fried chicken wings. They offer the juicy goodness of top-quality sausage made from skinless chicken meat that’s been "kicked up" several notches with pockets of fiery cayenne pepper sauce. Since they are fully cooked, you can quickly reheat them to make them part of your good times, without the grease, without the mess, and with many fewer calories and much less fat. And here’s another benefit: You and yours won’t miss the tell-tale red circles of hot sauce around mouths and the reddened fingers that mark most folks who have just eaten Buffalo chicken wings.

The irresistible pleasure of eating Buffalo Chicken wings is a guilty one for most of us. Doc’s Amazing Buffalo Chicken Sausages let you celebrate the good times without the guilt!

When you experience the flavor, juiciness, and authentic cayenne pepper sauce kiss of these sausages, you’ll understand why Amazing is our name.

Choose to eat Doc’s Amazing Buffalo Chicken Sausage, and you won’t give up the flavor of Buffalo chicken wings. You will, of course, give up chicken skin. But the good news is that in the recipe section we will show you ways to get the crunch of fried chicken wings with your Doc’s Amazing Buffalo Chicken Sausage. Really, and without adding fat or calories!

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