Ingredients for 4 servings

4 to 8 roasted, peeled, green Anaheim chiles, fresh or canned

8 Buffalo Chicken sausages


Buffalo Chicken Sausages
in Blankets

Here is a way to coddle your favorite Buffalo Chicken sausages in blankets for serving as beautiful appetizers or entrée portions. This is our only Buffalo Chicken recipe that isn’t finger food, so dig out knives and forks, and dig in! The green Anaheim chile blankets are mild, but the Buffalo Chicken Sausage will keep you warm.


Cut off the pointed end of each green chile and save for another use. Place each Buffalo Chicken Sausage inside of a whole or a half of a peeled green chile to fit. Spray a baking dish with nonstick cooking spray, load the sausage stuffed chiles, and heat in a 375-degree oven or in the microwave until the internal temperature of the sausages reads 165 degrees with an instant read thermometer. Serve immediately.

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