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All Natural Low-Fat Beef Patties

At Doc’s Amazing, we love the flavor and texture of burgers. A while ago we found ways to make great tasting, juicy sausages with chicken trimmed of all visible fat. One thing led to another. First we got the leanest beef we could find, and next we trimmed it so there was no fat left to see. Then we went at this ultra lean beef with the same all natural approach we had developed to turn lean chicken and pork into juicy tasty sausage.

Doc’s Amazing All Natural Low-Fat Beef Patties are the result! Doc’s Amazing All Natural Low-Fat Beef Patties have remarkably little fat—about 2.5%. That is 7-10 times less fat than most hamburgers you have eaten! They also have less than half the calories of burgers with 20% fat. If you choose to eat typical chicken or turkey burgers, you will be consuming at least several times more fat and 50% more calories than a Doc’s Low-Fat Beef Patty of the same weight.

We are very excited to offer you Doc’s Amazing All Natural Low-Fat Beef Patties because we know that their flavor, texture, and juiciness will amaze you!

Build your own burger

Just by choosing Doc’s Amazing All Natural Low-Fat Beef Patties for your burgers, you are eating at least 50% fewer calories and as little as one tenth the fat of regular ground beef burgers. You will quickly discover that the amazing rich taste of our beef patties answers any questions you may have had about what a low-fat beef burger would taste like. Please use our beef patties in your favorite hamburger recipes. We also want to offer you a variety of ideas on how to serve our low-fat beef patties in ways that cut additional calories and fat, but do not diminish taste or reduce the pleasure of coming up with fun burger creations.

Great beef is only part of what makes a hamburger great. Cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce,onions and pickles all make the short list of the most popular ingredients to place around a ground beef patty. Then there are sauces like ketchup, blends of ketchup and mayonnaise, mustard, and guacamole. And of course there are french fries. There is a world of choice, and we all have our favorite ingredients and sauces to go with our burgers. Doc’s Amazing Low-Fat Beef Patties can be used in all your favorite burger creations. What we aim to do with our burger recipes is to show you ways to reduce the fat and calories of what you serve to go with your low-fat burgers.

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