Ingredients for 4 servings

1 pound fries cooked in a Tefal Actifry per the manufacturers instructions

4 lettuce leaves 4 tomato slices

4 tablespoons Doc’s Lite Burger Dressing (link)

4 slices reduced fat cheese, optional

4 Doc’s Amazing Low-Fat Beef Patties, reheated

Click here for reheating instructions.

French Fry Burgers

The question is often asked: What are burgers without fries? Sure, you can enjoy Doc’s low-fat beef patties, but what can you do about the greasy, french fries that need to go with the burger?

Fast food french fries have 1440 calories and 73 grams of fat per pound, according to the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Raw potatoes have only 350 calories and essentially no fat per pound. French fries gain most of their calories by absorbing cooking oil! Think how many calories could be saved if you could only make great french fries without oil.

Well, Doc’s Amazing took the fat away from burgers, and they taste great. Now another company has taken the fat away from french fries, and they taste great, too! A long-established French firm named Tefal has reinvented the french fry by offering a home kitchen appliance called the Actifry. (Full Disclosure: Doc’s Amazing has no connection withTefal; we just think they came up with an awesome invention). Since Tefal is a French company, you can be sure that these french fries have authentic taste!

Have a look at this YouTube video

We have had one of these TefalActifry machines for a couple years. It’s basically a hot-air cooker that uses only one tablespoon of oil to cook more than 2 pounds of fries. If you have been using a deep frier at home to make fries, this machine will rock your world. Not only do you lose the fat and calories, but you no longer have to clean up smelly grease.

Of course you can serve fries made in the Actifry in your burger basket along with your burger creation. But we thought it would be fun and tasty to go ahead and put some low-fat french fries right in the bun.


Assemble the Actifry burgers with lettuce, Doc’s Lite Dressing, tomato, the cheeseburger, and top with your Actifry french fries.

Now were talkin’! Low-Fat burger and low-fat french’ve got to be kidding! Friends and family will be amazed when they taste!

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