Ingredients to make
hash brown "rolls" for 4 servings

2 medium Russet potatoes, peeled (1 pound and about 350 calories, total, or less than 100 calories per "roll")

4 Doc’s Amazing Low-Fat Beef Patties, reheated

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Hash Brown Burgers

Who doesn’t love hash browns? We have even seen some burgers with a layer of hash browns in the bun. Here is a way to make low-fat, low-calorie hash browns and use them instead of buns as burger holders.

First, some nutrition facts about hash browns. Hash browns are typically made with shredded potatoes and lots of oil. Fast food hash browns have 1500 calories and 97 grams of fat per pound, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Raw potatoes have only 350 calories and essentially no fat per pound. It’s easy to see where fast food hash browns gain calories — from the cooking oil!

Because Doc’s Amazing is all about taking away fat, we are going to explain how to make hash browns with just about no oil. The hash browns you see here were cooked with just a quick spray of nonstick cooking spray. They taste great. After cooking, we cut them into the shape of burgers and used them in place of rolls.

To make these hash browns does take some cooking experience, so do not be embarrassed to enlist an experienced cook to work with you!


There are three ways you can grate the potatoes. One is with the grating disc of a food processor. Be sure to dry the shredded potatoes with paper towels after shredding. A box grater is another tool that works to shred potatoes. Our favorite way is to use a spiral vegetable slicer. (You can find a large selection at

To cook hash browns without oil, we like to use a two-sided clam shell grill with nonstick surfaces because there’s no need to flip the hash browns during cooking. A nonstick skillet works fine too, but you will need to flip them.

Spray preheated cooking surfaces with nonstick cooking spray. Place the shredded potatoes in a thin layer on a preheated two-sided clam shell grill (380 degrees) with nonstick surfaces, or on a large preheated (medium heat) nonstick skillet. Cook until browned as desired, then remove to a flat surface and let cool. Then cut into 4 burger-sized pieces and use in place of hamburger rolls, as you see here.

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