Hamburger Rolls and Lower Calorie Burger "Holders"

Hamburgers and rolls go together like love and you know what. What is a hamburger without a roll? If you are counting calories, it’s worth thinking about how you are going to serve your Doc’s Amazing Low-Fat Beef Patties. We love hamburger rolls, but you are looking at 200+ calories for some of the larger ones (76 grams). Give smaller hamburger rolls (57 grams, 140 calories) a try, and save 60 calories. There are also thin versions of bread and buns on the market with as little as 100 calories that are ok, but for sure we don’t get excited thinking about a diet-sized roll. Here are some other options we like. It turns out that the standard hamburger bun is just one of many ways to you hold your burger in your hand. Here is an overview of what we call "burger holders" that are lower in calories than a standard hamburger roll.

Trimmed and Toasted Hamburger Rolls

Here we dressed up a Doc’s Guacamole Burger with a regular hamburger roll. It looks a little different because we have sliced off the top third of the top part of the roll, and toasted it. Little is lost except 1/4 (50) of the roll’s 200 calories. The texture and appearance of the toasted top roll make this a net plus. We like to cut off the crusted piece with a bread knife, spray the remainder of the top of the roll with non stick cooking spray, and carefully brown it in a nonstick pan over medium low heat. That should take a couple minutes.


Tostadas are a great way to serve Doc’s Amazing Beef Patties and toppings. Compare the 90 calories of a tostada to the 200+ calories of a full-sized hamburger roll. They can be served hot and are great to eat with your hands.