Ingredients for 4 servings

4 large radicchio leaves

4 slices tomato Microgreens or bean sprouts, washed and dried

1 recipe Doc’s Lite Burger Dressing

4 Doc’s Amazing Low-Fat Beef Patties, reheated

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Ingredients for Doc’s Lite Burger Dressing (makes about 8 ounces)

4 tablespoons ketchup (2 ounces), preferably not containing high fructose corn syrup

6 tablespoons non fat Greek style yogurt

(3 ounces) 1/2 teaspoon balsamic vinegar (optional)

1 teaspoon dill pickle relish (optional)

1 tablespoon finely chopped onions (optional)

6 tablespoons chopped tomatoes (3 ounces), optional

Veggies as Burger Holders

In-N-Out Burgers have been serving burgers "protein style" in lettuce leaves upon request since the 1970s! It turns out that a wide variety of flat (or flattenable) veggies — such as radicchio leaves, portobello mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, and even hash brown potatoes (when cooked as we will describe) — are both low in calories and well-suited for holding burgers. Plus, they can also add unique, delicious flavors and textures to your creations. We have some special recipes afor you to try in the pages that follow.


Radicchio Salad Burgers
Here is a burger using radicchio as a burger holder. The crisp radicchio leaves have a natural slight bitterness that will be balanced by the balsamic vinegar in Doc’s Lite Dressing. All in all, a great match for the richness and juiciness of a Doc’s Amazing Low-Fat Beef Patty!

Place a slice of tomato on top of each radicchio leaf.

Top the tomato with 2 tablespoons of Doc’s Lite Dressing.

Place the hot beef patty on top of the dressing, and gently press down.

Top with a tablespoon of Doc’s Lite Dressing, some microgreens, or both.

Pick up with your hands, let’er drip away, and go for it!

Lettuce ("Protein Style") Salad Burgers
Follow the preceding recipe for the Radicchio Salad Burger exactly, substituting lettuce leaves for radicchio. Here’s to In-N-Out for "protein style"!

Instructions for Doc’s Lite Burger Dressing
Mix ketchup and yogurt. Add the remaining optional ingredients you choose, then mix and serve.

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