Ingredients for 4 servings

10 egg whites for the wrappers

1 cup egg substitute, scrambled

4 hot Chicken Apple sausages

Chicken Apple Sausage
Breakfast Wraps

What’s better for breakfast than a burrito? A breakfast wrap made with Doc’s Amazing Chicken Apple Sausage. Instead of using a tortilla, try making a breakfast wrap like the ones we described in our recipes for El Chipotle and for Chorizo sausages. This is a great way to avoid the calories, carbs and fat of tortillas and tostadas.

The pictures here illustrate how you can make a wrapper of skillet cooked egg whites, and layer it with scrambled egg substitute and Chicken Apple Sausage to make burritos like you’ve never seen before!


Make an egg white wrapper by cooking 5 egg whites in a large nonstick skillet sprayed with cooking spray. 

Remove the cooked egg whites, set on a serving plate to cool, and cut into two halves, creating two protein style wrappers.

Repeat these steps with 4 more egg whites to create two additional wrappers.

Divide the scrambled egg substitute among 4 egg white wrappers as shown.

Add a hot Chicken Apple sausage to each wrapper, roll, and serve.

We hope you will share your recipes and pictures when you create your own wraps with Doc’s Amazing sausages!

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