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Low Fat Chicken Apple Sausage

Thanks to Bruce Aidells, who started it all, Chicken Apple Sausage has become an American Classic. Today virtually every manufacturer of chicken sausage offers its own version of Chicken Apple Sausage, and there are many tasty products on the market.

What’s special about Doc’s Amazing Chicken Apple Sausage is that it has much less fat and fewer calories than other leading chicken apple sausages. That’s because it is made with lean chicken meat that is hand trimmed of visible fat to our specifications. No trim is used, just the best quality chicken. We invite you to compare the amount of fat and calories in our products with your favorite brand of sausage and beef patties.

You would never guess that Doc’s Chicken Apple are so low in fat when you taste them. When you experience their flavor and juiciness, you’ll understand why Amazing is our name.