4 hot dog rolls

4 hot El Chipotle Smoked Chicken Sausages

½ cup Queso Fresca dip (see recipe under El Chipotle Sausages)


For Deconstructed salsa, combine

½ cup diced bell peppers (red, orange, and yellow are shown here)

½ cup diced poblano chiles

¼ cup diced Serrano chiles

¼ cup chopped onion (optional)

El Chipotle Dogs

Call this fusion food if you want. We think it’s another example of how Doc’s Amazing can be part of La Cocina para Nueva Generación. By that we mean food with authentic macho Mexican flavors that is low in fat and calories. Food that’s designed to be part of healthier eating.

A El Chipotle Dog is served in a hot dog bun, with the salsa of your choice. What it doesn’t have is the fat and calories of a hot dog. You will see that the flavor and juiciness of El Chipotle sausages are very satisfying when they’re served like this in hot dog buns with salsa, and some of our Queso Fresca dip, so there is no need to add more cheese or calories and fat in any other form.


Place a hot El Chipotle sausage in a hot dog roll. Top with a little Queso Fresca dip. Sprinkle with the deconstructed salsa and serve. (We call this deconstructed salsa because every component retains its identity and doesn’t make everything soggy like salsas containing tomato and citrus juice.)

Alternatively, top with the salsa of your choice!

4 servings
Prep time: 15 minutes

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