4 corn tortillas

4 hot El Chipotle sausages

For deconstructed salsa, combine:

½ cup diced bell peppers

¼  cup diced poblano chiles

¼ cup diced Serrano chiles

¼ cup chopped onion

scrambled egg substitute (Optional)

Queso Fresca dip (Optional)


El Chipotle Tacos


Heat corn or flour tortillas. Place a hot El Chipotle on each tortilla. Top with
the “deconstructed salsa” or your favorite traditional salsa and serve. We like “deconstructed salsa” because every component retains its identity and it
doesn’t make things soggy like salsas containing tomato and citrus juice.

You can also top with some Queso Fresca Dip if you wish.

The taco shown on this page also has scrambled egg substitute, and makes for a great breakfast treat!

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