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El Chipotle Low Fat
Chicken Sausage

If you like your links muy macho, El Chipotle is the salchicha for you. Its bold flavors of chipotle in adobo, along with chunks of jalapeno can be enjoyed with corn or flour tortillas, or in a wide range of spicy dishes. One thing’s for sure: unless you’re a heat freak, you won’t need to add chiles to this one!

More Flavor But Less Fat
El Chipotle Chicken Sausage is made with the highest quality meat from humanely treated chickens that are strangers to antibiotics. If you love sausage but are trying to reduce the amount of animal fat in your diet, Doc's Amazing Low Fat Chicken Sausage is the solution.

When you experience the flavor and juiciness of our products, you’ll understand why Amazing is our name.

Our El Chipotle sausages and our Chicken Chorizo sausages can offer you ways to experience what we like to call La Cocina Para una Nueva Generación. We will show you examples in the Recipes.