Think sausages and beef patties can’t be delicious and low-fat?

Think again.
Many folks love eating tasty sausages and beef patties but worry about how much fat they're consuming. Now we’ve found a way to dramatically lower fat content and calories—without sacrificing any of the juiciness or rich flavors of top-quality chicken and beef.

The result is fresh, all natural ground meat products that people call Amazing. See for yourself. All our products have great taste with little fat.

We are proud that the three varieties of sausage that we submitted to the American Heart Association® were certified to display the Heart-Check Mark, meaning that they meet the American Heart Association's requirements for a heart healthy food. These three varieties are Chicken Apple Low Fat Chicken Sausage, Chicken Italian Low Fat Chicken Sausage and El Chipotle Low Fat Chicken Sausage. For more information please visit

Heart-Check Food Certification does not apply to information, links or recipes in this website unless expressly stated.

We're proud to use only chicken certified by the Global Animal Partnership as meeting their high standards for care including living cage free in an enriched environment. For more information please visit

American favorites re-imagined for a healthier lifestyle.