What’s in a Name?
First, Rich Taste. Then, Fewer Calories.

People tasting Doc’s Amazing low-fat sausages and low-fat beef patties often say, "That’s amazing!" when they find out how low in fat they actually are. In fact, that’s partly how we got our name (together with the fact that one of our founders is an actual doctor).

Our ground meat products provide all the flavor and richness you’d expect in their top-quality fresh chicken and beef ingredients. They taste so darn good, so succulent and flavorful, that you too will be amazed they’re low-fat.

Low Fat and All Natural—by Design
When the founders of Doc’s Amazing set out to make moist, juicy, great-tasting sausages and beef patties without the fat, they were up against conventional wisdom. That’s because, with ground meats, people commonly believe that "Fat is flavor." But if you’re expecting our low-fat products to be dry and crumbly, it’s not true. Take just one bite and you’ll see for yourself how successful we’ve been, crafting low-fat sausages and beef patties that are every bit as delectable as fatty ones.

This did not happen by accident. The founders of Doc’s Amazing brought the required tools: a multigenerational family tradition of "Old World" ground meat making; a passion for an artisanal approach to food; and an out-of-the-box approach to figuring out what makes great sausages and patties taste so good.

We are passionate foodies too. When you look at the list of ingredients for our products, you will find none of the artificial stuff that is found in so many prepared foods.

All of our ingredients are natural, and the meats we use are from quality suppliers that share our interest in providing fresh-as-possible products. And by the way, if gluten is a problem for you, relax. All our products are gluten-free.

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