Meals are like anything that requires attention and preparation. You can only expect great results when you start with great ingredients. And if the dish features sausage or patties, you can’t do better than Doc’s Amazing.

Here’s where to find some of our favorite recipes. The way we see it, they’re just too good not to share. Over time we’ll be covering a wide range of tastes and cuisines. And we hope our customers will share some of their own best recipes.

Whether you’re attracted to hot and spicy or to milder flavors, you’ll be able to find a juicy Doc’s Amazing product to impress your taste buds or inspire the great chef in you.

All Doc’s Amazing low-fat chicken sausages and beef patties can and should be used in your favorite recipes just as you would any other sausage or patties, saving you fat and calories. They are fine in the recipes you know and love.

In this Recipe Section, we’ll show serving suggestions for Doc’s Amazing sausages and patties that minimize fat and calories while maximizing flavor. You can scroll left and right on the photos below to view the many mouth-watering dishes we've prepared in our own kitchens to show you. When you see something that fits what you're looking for—a salad or something on a bun or tostada or whatever—just click on the image and up will come the complete recipe for that dish. Try it now!